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---------------- ooice say they've stoppee a school shooting in pennsylvanna. the prason the teen and his parents are facing harges tonighh. -------------------------------------------------- -----------------ill ray play? the deadlinn for nuuber fifty two to gee baak on the field or miss hh rest of the season. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------- 3 a pooice officer jumps ito freezing water watee 3 3 the reason heessbeing &pcalled a hero ttnightt ---------------------------------- ---------------- 3 good evening i'm jeff aaell, karen paakk is oof tonight. a teenager is sitting in jail thhs holiday weekend, charged with the aatempted murder of a
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pfficer.... jaaice park live at police headquarters in towson tonight ...with new happeeed just minutes beforr & the shooting,,janice. & jjnice.jeffthe officer was 3 shot twice...and ne bullet was lodgeddin hisswallet. police tell us....thht thee -3 teen had told someone t an earlierrparty that he would 3 33 "you're never safe anywhere, there's a lot of crazy people" & people livinggin essex are just hearing about a police chase....that happened on their street thursday evening: arrested? a bloody michael jabaath...wanted for the & attempted murder of an off duty police officer: officer:"we are less than a mile from where the susppctt lives, they went to arrest him, he ffed and that's when the chase began"the teen had deeember 9th...overlea...3:30
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in the morning...a parry of 100 people lets off duty officer on his way home - ii his honda forced to stop completely because of the crowd.police say someone yelled that he had a gun ii the car...and that's when thhy say the 18 year old fired at --3 the officer: officer:"we just moved in, my stepdaughttr go, as soon as we moveein someone gets shot!" shot!"" i can't imagine just shooting someone on the street, but people are crazy" 3 wasted mind"tonight a een is pn jjal...and an offfcer who had only been oo the force for 4 recovvring: rrcoverrng:"he needs help, he needs help" help""it'' going tt be a decision he reggetssthe rest of his llfe" -3 3 whee it comes to this -& police officerr we're told despite being shot two - times...he should be in towson, jp fox44 newssat ten.
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33 maryland staae pooicc... are... on the ssreett oo paltimore tonight helping city officers tackle highhcrime areas../ areas... thh troopers have been walking citt ssreets since mmd-september. theyywere n west baltimmre last night. they've also hhlped tackll the.. greenmmunt corridor... where reactioo is mixed. 3 p"it looks like uu community ii uuder seege......" seige....... 3 "all the crimmethat's going on in bbltimore ccty, that's a big help.." hell.." 3 "i mean when i see a trooper, i would say busiiess i would say top of the line...i would say not playinggno games." games." pollce sayythh ttropers will helppboost nights. theyysay the & officers will aaso have access to state police licenne-plate reader technnoogy. 3 he... fbi... -3 prrests an... after... explosives... are found... at tth university of maryland. john ... jenkins... is. charged with... two... felony counns ...of... building a omb...///. pomb...///. pooicee...iscoveeed the device inside a van on the campus yesterday and believe its connected to a pipe bomb incident earlier thissmmnth.
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the bbmb squad quuckly disarmed the device and &pccllected it for eviience. 3&p annapolis pollce... are... still earccing ...for the suspeet... in... a ouble hoottnn...// &p ttat ... left... one an dead.../ &p and... a... woman....serioussy injured. injured. clarence johnson... is... wanted ...on a warrant... & charging him... with murdee....// pplice... say... he shot ...two people on deceeber 122h... at the... robinwood public houuing complex.... - oo....tyler avenue..../ anyone with information ii asked to contact annapplis pooice. 3 detectivesssay a pennsylvania teenager was planning to opennfiieeon a school there. but as jericka duncan explains, he een and his parents are now locked upp up..- 3 northampton township olice arrested the 14-year-old council rock south high sccool studeet, who police say sttdents and staff, friday morniig. "we very well may have dodged a rrally large bullet." police sayytte boy's 3 his ffther 488yyar-old vincent mario russo, was charred with resisting arrestt the teen's -3 motherr50-year-old lizabeth
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donohoe was chargee witt possessioo f a firearm, children, amonn otter crimess "officers observed numerous airsoft weapons and asssrted 3 throughout the home." police say a student toll their parent about the 14-year-old's & ploo to kill. that parent told police. thursday evening authorrties weet to the 3& found a rifle that looos like an ak-47 and two workiig but &unloaded 9mm handguns in the &pteen's bedroomm."they were veryynervous. we got calls &ppass night." "i think it'' isolated. i think they do a gooo job here." - 3 3 police are still investiiaaing to determine what charres thee are goinn to bringgagainst the 14 year old suspect. 3 four more eeple in maryland ave been diagnosed with hepatitis-c n conneetion with a traveling hospittl wwrker accused of tampering with needles. &p all four victims 3 hospital from july 2009 to january 2010 when "david &
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he's accused of syringes and using them on patients.. that's in addition to another patient at the baltimore a medical centerrwhh was diagnosed iih &pthe virus. kwiaakowski is also facing infecting more than 33 people. -3 3 howard -3 ccunty poliie... arrest... ppn... essex maa... &p who appears to be caught on -3 videe.../ steelinn packages... from a columbia home sheehan... was charged with theft... after a resident... near... -&hidden--clearing.... captureddvidee... of - subaru.../ parrying... packages from the homee.. and intoohis car.... just moments... 3 phem off..../ pooice... got... a tip... afterr rrleasing photos... of sheehan 3 3 the... novemer rport... is out .../ &p.../ maryland... lost... 31- mmntt...../ according,... to... tte .s. department ...of labor..../ at.... the same time... , the federal agency... harply -3pevised downward ... its estimates for pctober,.../ suggesting ... &pthattempllyerss.. added... 47 - hundred joos... ather than ...14,thousandd.../ 3 the state's unemppoyment ratt in noveeber
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... improved... to... 6.6 perceet, .../ down &pfrom... 6.7 percent....a month earlier. 3 the ravens will have to go another week without their general.linebacker ray lewis is "out" for ttmmrrows matchup & with the giants.morgan adsit 3 report, morgan. raa lewis wwll miss his 9th ssraight game tomorrow.the ravens had until 4 p-m todayy & to activvte the middle linebacker toothe 53-man not.lewis returned to practice this month...and last sunday -3 against the broncos was the 3 play..on october 14th against the cowboys... leeis tore his right triceps.52 will stay on designated to return list.if cincinnati or in thee playoffs... he must be made & active next week...three weeks afterrhe retuuned to practice -& accoring to league rules..and - the ravvns hope hhs return comes soon.
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3--3& 3 the ravens did 3&pmaae a roster move....who's heading to the i-r...and iigo one-on-one with new starter... unlimited. 3 school policeetook a break from their usual routines to give back to thee ity in a different way. iffy-two elementary andd iddle school ssudents particippted in the annual shop withha cop ppogram. each kid was given a 100-dollar gift certiffcate to spend at the wallart in len burnie. students were then treated tt lunch at the forum caterers where they received mmre toys donated by toyssfor tots. 3 "we take this opporrunity to piveeyoung peeppeethe opportunity to shop with an officee build a relationshhi 3comfortable dealing witt the 3 everyday we're building &prelationships to make younng peoole safe so that hey can achieve accdemic suucess." success." -3&pbaltimore cityyschool police raised the money for todays
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3 3 inside one oo the regioo's largest gun shows.. &ppressdent appears to be movvng towaad another assault weapons pan. & 3 &p3 3 p cop jumps into & freeziig water.. the emergency that prompped this plind leap..- 3 a child is along for the ride as a shopping cart rolls towaads a busy street.. he last minute move that savvd the kid from &pgetting slammed by a car. 3
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3 a gun show at tte york pxpo centee produced a record
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-3 crowd ttday. many of those attending admit they''e willing toospend big bucks on assault ifles ..... 3 discovered, there's great fearr & the weapons will soon be banned. bbnned. 3 çááásot full kevin coveráááñ pjust seeing wwat kind offgunss i cannget.>[taae: cont vo] 3 year--the typp of fire arms tri-county gun shoo in york county pennsylvaniaa are semiiautomatic weapons llke & the ak-47 and ar-15. those &ppre in high demand because many gun collectors here say they're afraad they'lll oon be outlawed.çááásot kevináááñ çááásot full frankáááñ[take ot çááástandupáááñçááásot dealer daveáááñ 3[take: cont o]
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3&pçááácont voáááñ dave 3 nra wants to see uards ppstedd at schools throughout in west manchester township ewa roman reporting. 3 morr han a -3 wwek after the connecticut school hooting...there's still a heightened awareness offseccrity among many school teacherss 3 t a guunranne in arkansaa, manyyeducators aae n a mission to sharpenn their skills. te range is now offering teacherss free classes on concealed weapons.....ann so far, more &pthan fffty teachers have pigneddup. 3 ""eachers go to the grocery store. they go to the placee outside of school and are
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recognized. so they sttll need to protect themselves." 3 arkansaa lawmmker is now drafting proposed legislatton whhch would give ttachers the right to carry guns at school. 3 while many kidd are anticipating what santa will of them has deeided what he will bringgto others. oo the victims of the sandy wyatt williams suggested to his mother that she use hiss christmas money to help - animals. so wwatt donattdd26 items including food ,toys and also a check to the baltimore humane society. -3 3 "i couldn't believe that my son came up wwth this and that he was doing something that wwuld always be remembbred and it was ssmething very pecial &pit was the 6 random acts of 3 mooent that one day these animals wre family and they were beinn remmmbered." remmmbered." wyatt - pays even though they'll be no toys for im under the
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tree....just hnging ut with his family is enough. 3 a normal day at a & dollar general turns frightening for ne wisconsin mom. and it's all cauggt on & camera. "right here is when i kiid oo started toosee the cart mooing - and then i reallzed there waa a child and right about here." pere." a mother shopping cart only tt ffnd the cart sooonrollinn out of the parkinn llt and nto oncoming traffic. &pthat's when an officer says he noticed tte unusual scene....ann quickly took 3 "mm mmediate reaction wassit was traveling fast so i knew there wasn't an option toostop the art but i had to do 3 traffic because it was eaddnn directly towarrs the busy highway so just activattd my burn shield lights and drove the squud into the highway and -3 hope tootry to stop traffic." the mothhr says she was placing her other child innthe car whee the cart & rolled away. 3&p residenns n 3 thurrday night.
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apocalyyseewas near. take a look. look. about nine o'clock, the skyywas custtmers were ithout power authorities tell us two maii feeder lines that serve annapolis, cedar park b-g-e says they're not sure why the liiesswere affected but it did make for some spooky videoo all powwr has incc beee resttred. annapolis... residents... woke up friday morning... to nearly 4 eet... &p of... ffood & waters... near citt dock. dock.the water... rushed... overr.. the seawall... and.... the parkinn llt... on dock ptteet.. / flooding... sevvral businessess..//. residents and businesssowners say... been preeented... / & many werrefrustrated that officials didnt warn them.... thru... the city's... eeergency response... phone system. 3 "iq: somebodd comes down here.... oq: start ooer agaii." againn" 3
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3 all city streets that wwre reopenedd 3 the high winds, hii wwekend, mmy not be good for your hair.... but they're proving to beegreat for ooe man's electric bill. the wwnd turrines on paarrcc dinnnna'sssykesville farm are spinning almost noo-stop this weekend. he installed them hree years ago ...hoping 'wind power' would help reduce his electric costs.. nd occasionally ...they ggnerate more power han his farm can use. 3 (18:11:40) "its piped into my hhuss, so to sseak nd if ttprrduces more energy than the entire house is drrwing that the excell - electricity is piied out to the grid and my meter will sttrt to sppn backwards." backwardd." 3 thht doesn't happee often... typically, dinenna says the energy produced by his two an electric oven or eleccric dryer....but is enoogh to 3 the igh winds made for difficult driving as they whipped
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across the state. sttte. take a look at ttis viewer video from fallston in harford ccunty. you can see wind whipping at the stars and stripes and actually causing the lag pole to 3 and these trafficclights were bbuncing in theehigh wind. the lightsspooitioned &pdirectly into te wind were held up by the steady ggstt. when you see news happpn, see it shoot it and send it. join thh foo45 neww team by -& posting youu pics on our 3 to pics at fox baltimoreedot com. 3 thooe winds are picking - down.... 3 meteorologist tony pagnotti shows us hat we can expectt next, tony.... tonyy...
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3 p3 3 a cop takes a dive -3 in full unnform. the emergenny thattfoocee him into the water. 3 3 3 2002 is comiig to a & close. the hiihlights from -the past ear and the news stories that changed the course of historr. nexttin our coverrstory.
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3 we are three days from chrissmas aad nine days froo 20-122willlgo down in the hissory bookk. itt been a yyar of political differences.....ann fiscal cliff-erenccs..... and tonight, we take a look back at he years biggest headlines &pttat captured ouu interest and shaped our path. path. 3 [ cheers ]]>> thank you ery much. [ applause ] >> a
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&pmassive crowd has gatherrd here. >> we want our freedom. &pwe want to be free people. >> the italian 3 cruise ship apsized. >> 3 joseph kony -- viral on media &psites. outrage stirred ssccal media. >> my name is sandra -- >> legitimate rate. ttis -3 is a massive plaa by faceboook pt largest ipo in tech history. >> this is breast- feeding in the picturee one - article has the entire country talking. >> the pressdent pex marrrage should be egal. >> we now know he name of the suspect blamed for the movve theater shootiig spree. >> &shooting at the sikh templeein wiscoosin. >> police now tell cnn people have been shot in front of the empire sttte building. >> bath salts. bath salts? bath salts. >> jerry - pandussy
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sentenced to a minimum of 30 yeers in prison. > n iconic ssatue honoring - the llte ffotball coach joe paterno ii gone. >> the bbitish people are going ga--a for the diamond jubilee. >> the flying squirrell >> the fab five. >> rran lochte. >> someone soll photographs of prrnce harry naked -- >> ooe & of the hotteet novels around. >> isaac is forcing some chaages at the reppblican convention. [ cheers ] manufaature. >> what do you -3 mean shut up? [ laughter ] >> 3&pyou! >> chrrstopher stevves and three other embassy staff, they are ddad. we will bring those to justice who ommitted these murders. >> all the effects of hurricane sandy already. sandy's carved a
10:25 pm
& eastern seaboard. e can't fully secure the ccane until the wind dies down.. >> they're doing another stooy onn this? >> "call me maabe." >> tan mom. >> honey boo boo. >> live piitureefrom 3 ropinggdown thh streets of l.a. let's look at the man 3 general david petraeus. >> responded to fresh rocket attacks -- >> syria has gooe on for 0 hours -- >> are these ed line warnnngs talk? >> cnn projeets that barack obama wiil be re-elected president offthe united states. >> terror at an elementary schoollinn connecttcut. 20 children deadd six adults are also dead. our heaart are broken today. for the parentt and grandparents, & isters and brothers offthese liitle chhldren. may god bless the memory of tte victims. and in the words of ssripturr, peal the brooenhearted and
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bind upptheir wouuds. (music) 3 we'll continne our contdoww to 2203 for the rest of the month. if you'd like to see some of the biggest stories that have impacted baltimore, head to & our website, fox balttmore dot com and you can look through all of our top stories from - the past year. p3 a plan for a quick payday ends in a murder charge. the nnurrnce fraud that pooice say ended p leveling a neighborhood..- 3 ----------nats of sppash in &pwater-----------3 -- a dariig plunge caught on video.
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why a cop took dive in frigid waters.
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33 3 fissal liff as speaker boehner's plan b goes down in flamees. the president's to pass the house as ultra- conservative republicans 3 for americans making more than a illion dollars. arin we are from a deal as congress goes home for the holidays. holidays. 3 after speakkng with party leaders friday afternoon, president obama called on congress to quiccly come up wiih a solution to avert somee end-of-year tax hikes associated with tte fiscal -3 cliff. in the next few days i've asked leaders of congress & po work towards a package that -3 prevents a tax hike on iddle class amerrcans, protects million americans and lays the groundwork for further work onn both and deficct reduction. tte remarks came after house ppeakerrjohn boehner failed to -3 pustee enoughhof his party's -&psupport
10:31 pm
to bring his "plannb" to the floor. is prooosal woold have effectively aisedd taxes only on hose americans making more thannone million & dollars a year. we had a number of our memmees who juss really didn't want to be taxes. the two ides ach left the capitollfor the christmassholidayy, bbaminn the ooher ffr inaction.. democrrts said thursday's faiiure in he house pointed to a need for more compromise by the g-o-p. house message loud and cleaa that a comprreensive solution to the looming fiscal clifffwiil need to bb a bipartisan solution. senate republican leader mitch mcconnnll saiddthe next move &pneedd to come from the president.. he is the nlyyone that can do it. thii isn't john boehnnr's probbem too solve. without a deal, steep & tta ikes and massive governmmnt spending uts are & set to trigger after januaryy first. in washington, i'm karin caifa. 3 house and senate meebbrss headed ome with plans to return to the capitol on
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thursday, december 27 if 3 theepresident selects áhis choiceá for the country's - new top forrign diplomat. diplommt.mister obama ... saying massachusetts senator jjon kerry is aareaay &prespected around the world... and his entire life has 3 you'll presidential nominee in 2004 3 obama says: "i also hhve to say thanks because john invited a young illinois state senator to address the -3&pdemocratic convention ii boston.é boston.ékerry diddnot speak at & ttday's announcementthe 3 without the presence of & current secretary hillary -3 clinton who is at home ... recuperating from a concussion she ustained whennshe fainted. &p3 3 three people are charred with murder toniggt affer & investigators say they causedd a natural as eepllsion too collect insurance money. money. his was the aftermath oo the november 13th people and iijured 12 others. -3 33 homes were leeeled invessigators say was intentional. they say these three disconnected the gas
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line to their ffrepllce and sst the microwave to o off as aacrude detonator. at first the three claimed they were victiis like everyone else but police found they 3 valuables, family ppott albums and their pets just days 3 3&pwhat we as the public safety community can do ann muut do is o devote our best efforts to ensure thattjjstice is done on behhlf of succ innncent victims. 3 the initial tip that this was a urder came from the woman's son, who toll police that his moo's boyfriind had been plotting o blow up the houss for a quick payday. the family had recently on the home. & 33 3 a darinn escue is caught on pamera as a oman falls into freezing cold water in boston. amanda grace explains how an officer put his own life on 3&&pwoman. ceel phonn video captures boston police officer edward norton ttking the plunne. he
10:34 pm
point channel in a torrential dowwpouu to escue aawoman - who'd fallee into the water. she as in there calling for 3 pidn't hesitate; rrn down the stees, took offfhis belt andd -3 jumped into the water anddswwm over to get herr offfcer nooton ays the wooannwas drowniig, and he dddn't ttiik twice about diving in. one of the otherrooficers had been given a life preserver i ttink it came from the tea party museum, so that helled a lot. & iiwas able to holddonnto that whhle she was hooding onto the & life preservee, while holding - onto the raft that was out there. he put the liie preserver around her and then swammto this ffoatinn deeiic on until the fiie depprtmeet came, and then the diverr jumped in the water after boat picked up officcr norton, the woman and thh two &pfirefighters. all foor were taken to the hospital to be checked out for hypothermia. tell you what. that cop was -3 the hero of the ay. he didn't - officer norton says it was all
10:35 pm
job tt show up when people call orrhelp, if we don't help then no one's going to, so. 3 & 3 no one was injjred in the fall pr rescuu. thh woman says she accidentally fell in the wattr from the waakwaa above.
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3 3 an asterrund colliding with earth thats ore powerful than the atomic bombs of world war two. when &&pnasa predicts it'll hit. ann why they saa we shouldn'ttfear. 3 "it became interesting to me. i went back tte next year and
10:39 pm
prrtty soon i ws addicted." - 3 capturing neemans captivating photos of the naaional tree that dates back - almost 0 years....and the story behind them.
10:40 pm
10:41 pm
3 a recent audit uncoverr biggspending....and big mistakes... surrounding a onn- &pand-a-half billion dollar government program..... program..... the state departmentss nti-terrorism
10:42 pm
assistance program is supposed po be training ouu allies to fight in the war on terror. buttan inspector general's repprt found hat ore than a million dollars worth of new combat equipment wws sitting inna closet coolecting dust..... the program also purchased several shiny students but ffiled to supply the ammunition. audittrs are now questioning whether all those tax dollars were - sppnt effectively. 3 3 "the state ddpartment -inspectoo general said in 2010 -3 we spent about 18-hundred dollars per sttdent, per day on training, bbttthere's no speciiic measure on whhther pffective." 3 for its llck of pccountability, the washington &pguarddan is awardinn this - week's golden hammer to he state department.....which has yet to comment. 3 phe inspectoo general revealed more n his report and you can - read about it by going to fox - bbltimore dot coo and following tte links to the washington guardian. 3 there's a store in minnesota where cash sn't accepttd...and neither is everything at this storr is free. & p3 after spending -years
10:43 pm
rrffing ttrough garage salls, "phyllis torgrimson" 3 need for those used - items...really is. so she begaa donating the itemm tt neighbors who need them the most. and & her efforts didnnt go un-noticed. it wasn't long beforr friend donated a building which has &pbecomm the "caring neighhors free mission store"" the store s run completely by volunteers and everything is donated. 3 3 a picture is worth a thousand -3 words. but for one virrinia man, hisspictures are priceless..... tonight, sir-ray chinn examines his &pobsession with the national christmas tree and his photos which have ecome a national treasure..- treesure. 33"i packed all the famiiy up and ween downnto see it forr&pthe first time..aadonnnielsen loaded the car witt his four chhldden. "i didn'' have a tripoo in those days." so he & set the camera on his car to get a steady shot. "it beccme interesting to me. i went baakk theenext year and pretty soon i was ddicted." for the next 49 years, it ould be an
10:44 pm
obbession. "i wanted o see the different decorations and ttoseechannes ... "thumb through here and find wyoming. this one here in the daylight. let's go back to nnxxn's years." would bring ccmplications in his new-found hobby through the years. "as technology increased,,they started pptting lights thaa twinkled and that ffuled up the still pictures. and that &pyyar,,this one here in he & dayyight." (standup) "mr. nielsen doesn't have a favorite tree,,but he says -3 this year's is the most picture of in the last 50 years. and althouuh he doeen't -33 have a ffvorite, he says it's the stories behind the trees." &"in hhnor f themm he ordered except or the top." american & hostages were in iian betteen 1979-80. president carter would keep the tree dark for were freed. president reagan ordered the lights tuuned on forr444 minutes... one minute for each day they were held - hostage." he alsooremembers
10:45 pm
19955fondly, when presidenn clinton foot the lectric bill & when the government hutdown.. the national christmas lightinn tradition started in 1923 when president calvin coolidge as in office and when nielsen was just a year old. he's been taking picttres & ssnce long before thh national park service thought about doing it. "i was just taking &ppictures." 3 pome of nielsen's ork is deemed so valuable it's displayed oonthe national paak service's websitee 3 3 rayylewis out against the giants...when theeravens have to activate im for the in sports &punlimitee... 3 we may have survived thh mayan calendars premonitions about the end of the world. -3 p but what about nasa's prediction of a kller psteroid cclllding with earth. thht'sscoming up after the break.
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3 well we survived the preddcted end of the orld yesttrday...and now there's more gooddnews. 3 an asteroid feared to be on a coolision course with a threat. naaa & believed that there was a 1- percent chance that the asteroid known as "2011 a-g-5" would hit our planet in - februury 20-40. bbt after ooserving its eliminated. ssienttst &psayya colliiion ithhthe earth would have released about 100 &pmega-tons of energy....haa's seeeral thousand timms more powerful than the atomic bombs that ended world war tww. 3 3 thh ravens will be without rayy 3 week...morgan adsit telll us whee he has to be on the roster to be eligible for the playoffs...morgan...

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